Monday, March 15, 2010

Winslow Family Travelling Roadshow

The Winslows are hitting the road after the Fool's Ball and heading north to St. Louis. Come check out all of the current Winslow Family Bands on Sunday, April 4th at the Fox Hole inside Atomic Cowboy.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Album Getting Great Reviews!

Excellent reviews have been circulating about The Ancient Future. Find out what the critics are saying about the debut full-length album from The Biz...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


This is a story written by our good friend and fellow Winslow, Darcy Barrett about the release of The Ancient Future and what it means to her. Thanks Darcy, no one can match your imagination.

Here is the email we received on Tuesday:

I just want you to know I woke up on Saturn this morning.

It was 800 B.C. I was curled up next to Valcor on a giant mushroom cap surrounded by patches of four leaf clovers and wild flowers. In the distance I saw a pack of friendly brontosauruses drinking coconut milk from a glorious waterfall when suddenly I was transported by a fairywinkle’s farticle back to what seems to be earth where we consumed a breakfast of rainbow puffies, leprechaun muffins and unicornicuns (magical truffles that can only be found by unicorns).

So far the day has been great! My eyelashes have grown two inches and cast colorful lazer beams with every bat. I’m having the skinniest day ever. I swear I lost 50 lbs and am light as air. I’m actually hovering over the ground which explains the weightlessness. No need to walk…. Just glide. Luna transformed into Lunicorn just past midnight. We knew that was coming… She’s gorgeous you guys. I’m sure you can imagine. Luna and Valcor have become VERY good friends. I think they’re in love and quite possibly will conceive the most magical creature ever known. I’m wearing a toga adorned with jewels and crystals. In my pocket I found an adorable male fairy friend that can grow to normal size upon my command. I must admit he is ridiculously handsome, masculine, magical and a master in the sack (when I make him normal size of course). He promises me he is forever my servant and has vowed to protect and defend me forever. I am pretty sure it is Matt because he was not next to me when I woke up and I can’t seem to locate him. This darling little fairy doesn’t think he is Matt but they share so many qualities. Perhaps he lost some memory during his transformation. I’m a badass on the harp. When I sing the trees sway, the grass grows greener, the sun shines brighter and the waters run crystal clear. I am friends with all animals and we have conversations in Balabagadarcyka, the language of the mystical creatures. I’ve actually adopted many animal characteristics. I can climb anything, grow incisors AND a full body fur coat. I discovered a giant twisted staff with a crystal ball on top next to me on the mushroom cap. Valcor assured me it is mine and I’ve been casting magic spells and training dragons for 10,000 years now. I’m pretty sure I’m a wizard.

Basically all my dreams are coming true thanks to THE BIZ.