Saturday, January 12, 2013

Battle of the Beats 2013 Competitors

We are excited to bring you another season of the Battle of the Beats for 2013. This year we are doing it even bigger and better with 16 total competitors lined up. Everyone is competing toward the championship where the grand prize is vinyl! The winner will get their music pressed to vinyl by Nematode Records. The competitors will be matched up on a bracket system where the winners will progress in multiple rounds to determine who is the best beat master of the group.

Here are your competitors for our 2013 Season:

Shuj Roswell

Mark Cooley - Denver, CO

From the artist: “Shuj Roswell, AKA Shuj, is the launch of my latest music production/performance endeavor. I keep things simple and work with a Moog Voyager analog synth, Ableton as my DAW, an Akai MPC1000, NI Komplete, and pull most of my samples from vinyl. I'd define my sound as Electro - Hip-Hop - Soul.”

New Bang Productions

Will Stevenson - Nashville, TN

From the artist: “New Bang Productions is my expansive definition of Hip Hop from electro street to smooth and soulful. I use analog or digital instrumentation, but do the majority of composition based around an MPC. I love synthesizers, drum machines and chopping up wax of genres and time periods overlooked by much of Hip Hop.”

Joshua Scott Cochran

Nashville, TN

From the artist: “My name is Joshua Scott Cochran, I have been playing, writing, and producing music for many years. I play keyboards with Sky Hi on G.E.D. Soul Records, and I have played with Murfreesboro acts Junk Buddha, and Marujah. I've also produced, re-mixed, and tweaked laptop knobs as Dj Anemone, Bus Stop, and Enoch's House. My recent solo release, 'The Fade EP,' is broken pop music, both organic and electronic, lyrical and textural. ”


Christopher Williams - Denver, CO

From the artist: “I’ve been producing mainly HIP HOP beats over the past years, but have ventured into anything that gets me groovin'. These days I am working on many projects as an EMCEE, and aspire to get them live in the near future. My primary works are with BackseaTherapy and I mainly use NATIVE INSTRUMENTS, KOMPLETE8, MASCHINE, LOGIC STUDIO, and ABLETON LIVE RARELY.”

Ultimate Band

Daniel McCarver & Garrett Gooch - Memphis, TN

From the artists: “We make IDM, Glitch, Downtempo, psy-trance and some of our stuff is a kind of jumble, so we don’t really have a set genre. We tend to stick with fruity loops for our software, but we have been dabbling in electronic music making for a good while. Just looking forward to trying something new and listening to some fresh beats by all.”


Kurt Whitehill - Nashville, TN

From the artist: “My musical experience includes and is not limited to such great acts as Smegma, the DJ Tanner Project, Espaso, the Winslow Family Band, Calvin, and Little Miss Mr. I have played guitar, bass, and keys in these various arrangements. I started making beats on Fruity Loops 3 when in high school, i graduated to reason 4 in college and then to ableton live. I have been on an extended hiatus the last six months, and now i am coming out of hibernation for this competition. For this competition i would like to work under the moniker SleepyK. I look forward to this process. Good luck, and may the best beats win.”


Chad Pinkston - Nashville, TN

From the artist: “I started making beats back in the day of Acid software. I can play multiple instruments, but have mastered none, as of yet. I now use a variation of digital software, keyboards, Pro-Tools, Garage Band, etc.... ”


Chris Nicotera - New Orleans, LA

From the artist: “Cnotesound is Chris Nicotera, musician, engineer, and educator. He spends more time in the control room or on the stage in new orleans than in the beat lab, but is dusting off the gloves to defend his win in last year's battle.”

P Buck

Phil Buck - Denver, CO

From the artist: “I like to make beats, but I started out my music endeavors playing bass and keys. These days I play live with the Biz. I my DAW of choice is Ableton Live and sometimes Reason.”


Matt Nigro - Denver, CO

From the artist: “Denver based musician/percussionist, member of The Winslow Family, The Biz, and Nematode Records. Specializing in beat oriented music produced with Ableton and ProTools.”


Zach Matthews - Nashville, TN

From the artist: “Sagittarius. Member of Fresh Hats Tight Beats, drummer for the Winslow Family Band. I use Reason, Ableton Live, my drumset and my own 2 hands to make my music.”

Maps and Writings

Rob and Bekah Knugg - Santa Rosa, CA

From the artists: “We are a husband and wife team. He has been producing and playing music for 17 years, she has been in the game for 4. Watch out. We go hard.”


Tim Santos - Denver, CO

From the artist: “My first instrument was guitar and later piano and flute. Now I like to produce tracks as well and play Live with the Biz. My DAW of choice is usually Ableton.”


Jon Furr - Memphis, TN

From the artist: “I play bass live with electronics and dj with APC. My productions are sequenced in Ableton Live using various software, vinyl, moog synth, and MPC.”

Quiet Entertainer

Greg Freeman - Nashville, TN

From the artist: “I make music and perform live under the name "Quiet Entertainer" ”


Robert Thomason - Denver, CO

From the artist: “I'm from Denver. I started playing drums when I was 9. Now I Dj and produce music with maschine and MPC.”