Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Slit - "Beg"

The Slit present their latest single, "Beg."

The single, "Beg" is a live rehearsal recording with excellent instrumental performances. The music is a blend of alternative rock from the likes of Stone Temple Pilots and heavier modern rock. There is also a bit of classic rock that can be heard through The Slit's sound influenced by Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. The vocals are gritty and guttural channeling the angst that is central to The Slit's overall aesthetic. For lovers of metal, emo, and thrash, there is a piece of each in this music. On the flip side, The Slit is simultaneously grounded in older alternative rocks styles of the 90's with a leaning toward heroine lounge psychedelic rock. The track "Beg" is both heavy and deep. I'm sure The Slit's brand of rock is not for everyone, but for many rockers out there The Slit is sure to resonate. Listen for yourself in the embed below. To hear more of The Slit, click over their Soundcloud page at or on Facebook at

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