Thursday, December 4, 2014

Music Review - SiBeFor

SiBeFor is a modern alternative rock band based out of St. Petersburg Russia with a sound that is akin to Tool. There style is dark, edgy, and passionate with a twisted artistic aesthetic to take the music to the next level. For those who love to rock and/or just get out of their skull from time to time, SiBeFor creates a vent-worthy narrative in their tracks that will surely align with fans of genres ranging from metal to classic rock.

The band has been touring in northern Europe and has been playing together since 2010. They have plans to release their first album in summer 2015, but have already released a few singles and even a promo music video for the track "Forbidden Fruit." Fans of Tool will definitely appreciate the disturbing visual style of this video as the singer of the the track is dons full body paint and leers creepily at the camera. Between shots of the band we see what looks like a temple as well as many other signs of the bands affinity for magic and mysticism. You can get a peak of the video for yourself in the YouTube embed below.

To find out more about SiBeFor, check out their website at Also find them on SoundCloud at and Facebook at

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