Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Crizzy Santaiga - W.S.I.E 3: Legendary

Crizzy Santaiga is back with his 4th mixtape and final chapter of the W.S.I.E trilogy, "Legendary."

The title track Legendary, produced by Pilsbury, glides in with smooths synths and sets the tone for the this whole mixtape. While it takes many twists and turns in style and content, the production quality of the album is very high. The hook on Legendary will get stuck in your head and the head-nodding beat will make you come back for more. The album, "Legendary" brings an innovative, modern and sometimes futuristic style of hip-hop beats with confident, but not over-the-top flows. The energy level of the emcees is perfectly balanced against the excellent production of the numerous beat-smiths behind the music for "Legendary."

Check the album for yourself on SoundCloud, iTunes, and Crizzy Santiaga's site

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