Friday, February 5, 2010

Fresh Hats Tight Beats: Headed to the M-town to Get Down

Good morning to all Winslows and soon-to-be-Winslows alike... So I'm pretty stoked to be going home for the FHTB show this weekend for the first of a few shows we have booked in beautiful Memphis, TN. It's a show of firsts for us. While it will be my first performance as Fresh Hats Tight Beats without P.Buck and Leigh, this will be Matt in the Hat's first show as a member. I'm excited about it. We have some killer material lined up. Also, this is the first time a Winslow group has played at the Full Moon Club in Memphis since the Go Show a couple of years ago. It's bound to be a funky, good time. We will be sharing the stage with Infinite Heights, the sonically ass-whooping beats and treats from bass man extraordinaire Jon Furr (For those who don't know, Jon Furr and I had a band together a few years back called King Otis-which also featured Taktix on the mic). Playing alongside Furr is Khari Wynn, a ridiculous guitar virtuoso who is in from a stint on the road with Public Enemy. He's also played with Bootsie and many other famous cats. We will be joined by our good friend and emcee, Taktix, for a few songs and we also plan on doing a jam at the end of the night with Infinite Heights. This should be a great time indeed. Well, I have to get out of here for now. Matt should be over soon for an all-day rehearsal session for our show. Stay tuned for some audio and/or video from the show. Can't wait to see some of those familiar faces I haven't seen in a minute. M-town. Get down. Ready or not , here we come. Peace, z.matt.33

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