Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Remix Wednesday: Blackcat Sylvester x Ugly Lovely - The Bar Kays - Soul Finger Remix!

I'm very excited to revive Remix Wednesday with this remix from Nashville's Blackcat Sylvester and Ugly Lovely. They took "Soul Finger" from the Memphis funk legends The Bar-Kays and turned it into a remix worthy of today's dance floor. Featuring Jay-Z and Kanye West acapellas, this feels like what we wish Watch the Throne could have been. I was very skeptical when I saw the words "Soul Finger" and "Remix" in the same sentence. This song was already a "banger" in its own time. On top of that, growing up in Memphis, this song holds a special place in my heart. But after one listen, I was sold. These doods pulled it off. And more importantly, they didn't butcher this soul classic. The hypnotic sliding bass line of the Bar-Kays is supplanted by a phat and slightly gritty synth bass that occasionally throws in some wobble. The solid back beat of the original is re-imagined with some modern day samples, electronic tweaking, and a healthy seasoning of break-beats. I commend these guys for paying homage to some Memphis funk in a classy way. Do it up, fellas.

Blackcat is known most recognizably for his efforts in the psychedelic, improvised outfit Call It Anything (C.I.A.). Ugly Lovely has been performing all over Nashville and Middle Tennessee as well as making waves on the internet with his recent mixtape Ay Girl! Ay! Ay! Take This CD! and numerous other remixes.

Blackcat Sylvester x Ugly Lovely - The Bar Kays - Soul Finger Remix! by Ugly Lovely

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