Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fresh Hats Tight Beats - That's All We Need

Fresh Hats Tight Beats - That's All We Need

Everyone at Winslow Family Productions is pumped about the newest release from Fresh Hats Tight Beats, entitled That's All We Need. This is the forth album from the group which now is officially a quartet of producers and instrumentalists. Matt Nigro (MattntheHat) joined the production group after his recent move to Denver. Before now, Matt was performing as half of the live FHTB duo. For those that may be scratching their head at this statement, to make a long story short, FHTB was developed as a studio project that was never necessarily intended for the live arena. When the first album came out and promoters starting sending emails to book the group, Zach Matthews and Phil Buck figured out a way to make it happen even though Tim Santos, one of the major contributors to the first album, had just moved to Denver. After a couple of months of shows together, Phil also moved to Denver, thus leaving the live aspect of the group down to one man. To fill the void, Matt stepped up and started playing the live shows with Zach. Since then, Matt has also moved to Denver and joined in with the production of the albums as well. Currently, there are no plans for new shows from FHTB.

That's All We Need is a departure from previous releases because this is the first album that is completely original and sample-free. Like previous albums, the genres and textures varied and diverse, but overall the album is a cohesive sonic experience. Clocking in at nearly 40 minutes with 11 tracks, this is the longest release from FHTB to date. The original album art was made by Leigh Bernstein. The man's face on the cover is actually made of hundreds of tiny icons, each represents an instrument that was actually played on the album. The original conception for these icons was just to use them to represent which instruments were played by each member. You can see this idea if you check out the back cover which is included in the zip file if you download the full album from

This album also features a couple of guest musicians. First up is FHTB and Winslow veteran, Dave Benedict, on the trumpet for the track "Mind the Line". Also featured is new-comer, Nick Monks, who contributed parts on acoustic and electric guitar as well as banjo. Nick was also a major contributor to the composition of "Course Clear!" writing an entire section of the final half of the track.

We're excited to see this new album go out into the world. Please pick it up for free at the official website of FHTB along with their first three albums. And please remember to share that shit!

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