Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Winslow Radio - Now Playing: Studio-T

Tonight, we're excited to announce the addition of tunes from Tim Santos, a.k.a. Studio-T, to the Winslow Radio rotation. Long time Winslow musician, Tim is a not only a solo producer, but also a major player in many Winslow bands including: Espaso, the Winslow Family Band, Fresh Hats Tight Beats, The Biz, and Those Shadow People. The majority of the tracks under the Studio-T moniker were created during Tim's transitional phase after Espaso and the Winslow Family Band were no more and before The Biz was even imagined. Tim helped to found the instrumental hip-hop group, Fresh Hats Tight Beats, just before he moved from Tennessee to Denver, Colorado. After he settled in his new western homestead, Tim began producing solo tracks as Studio-T, but continued to collaborate with his Winslow family members including AudioSpaceShip, P Buck, and Juan de Winslow. During the Studio-T years, Tim had a short run at his own podcast that featured many of these original tracks and collaborations. You can still find these podcast episodes online at

Tim's solo creations are a combination of dark, synthetic textures and strongly rock-influenced guitar techniques. Studio-T tracks find great success in their complex arrangements that blend with building atmospheric pads and looping guitar tracks. While much of the Studio-T catalog leans toward the dark and spacey side, some tracks like "Flat 5ive" and "Moving In" accent the hopeful and carefree spirit reflective of Tim himself.

Since moving to Denver, Tim has helped to co-found a new band, The Biz as well as a new record label, Nematode Records. There are rumors of new Studio-T tracks in 2013, but at this moment, Tim is busy working on the newest release from The Biz, which will come in the form of a 7-inch vinyl single.

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