Sunday, September 1, 2013

ARISE Music Festival, Saturday Recap - Loveland, CO

As Friday turned into Saturday, Jason Kidd aka Shiba closed out the Syntonic Stage with swelling bass and melodic structures that settled everyone into a meditation dub trance. Fueled by Family support, Shiba, spun tasteful beats that were just enough above down tempo to allow a 7AM crowd to move a little more than usual. Keep an eye on this guy, he's an emerging Denver local that should not be missed.

Shiba at Syntonic Stage, ARISE Music Festival, Saturday Recap
Shiba at Syntonic Stage
Soon after Shiba, I find myself laying in a field to design a human image by Jon Quigley. He plans to plot a sunburst made up of human beings with the word ARISE spelt out in the center. The sun was blazing us and instilling us with the potential energy for our creative task at hand.

Picture from ARISE Facebook page
Later, after a quinoa kale salad and a dosa, we make it to one of the first sets on the Solar Overdrive stage with Denver's own Digital Beat Down. These Wisconsin transplants had a hearty crew of fans who represented while mingling with a nearby "cereal party." Normally a noon set time wouldn't be so conducive, but Saturday was the first day we were blessed with some nice overcast shade. Nick Pilz, guitar and synths, announces that ARISE marks 5 years for DBD. A "disco Stu" doppelganger rocks it in see thru sequined pants.

Digital Beat Down at Solar Overdrive Stage
Three-piece instrumental band featuring guitar, upright bass, and drums plays dramatic, moving soundscapes at the Main Stage. The guitar player and band's namesake, Tierro Lee, beckons the crowd to come closer, "the closer you guys are, the better we'll play. We all do this together." Spacey, tripped out mystic sounding melodies lull us into the sunset.

Acidophiles & Friends
Acidophiles set was surprised with a reconfigured line up called "Acidophiles and friends." Miss Jaedha led a crew of the Ft. Collins based band's friends through an exciting and diverse sounding set. Goldy Loxx, the other half of the Acidophiles, was seen dancing all around the field during the set, but never took to the stage. Guest musicians, Mr. Danger, Two Scoops, Chando, and Mr. Gemini, added new flare to the Acidophiles set on guitar, looping synths, and turntables. Space Race took the to the tweener stage shortly after setting off the house sound with some improvised guitar on top.

Back at the Main Stage, Zap Mama literally zapped us into outer space - or at least those were her word for the intro to their set. Zap Mama and her band played upbeat reggae tunes that often wander into the psychedelic electronic realm with their eclectic sound effects. The band was a good setup and lead into Michael Franti, who was by all measures the biggest act on the bill for ARISE 2013.

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