Monday, May 23, 2011

Latest Lotus Releases: Destroyer / Ridalin

"Destroyer" - Lotus

The new track from Lotus, "Destroyer," opens with lilting synths and glitchy clicks, creating the ambience on which a killer guitar groove is built. Just posted to their Bandcamp today as a free download, this track is a slight departure from the sound that Lotus has become known for as a jamtronica staple on the festival circuit. The electronic influences are far more subtle than on tracks like the simultaneous release "Ridalin." Lotus does a good job of crossing the festie fanbases by bouncing between happy-go-lucky, ten-minute jams and synthed-out, bass-heavy bangers.

If nothing else, Lotus always brings a danceable sound to their shows, but what drew me into "Destroyer" was the introspective nature of this guitar dominated composition. This is not so much a dance track or a jam, as it is a real rock song. The beat will move you, but it's more likely to make you head bang before it makes you shake your butt. "Destroyer" dances playfully around its arrangement, dipping occasionally back to the subtle groove that opens the song. Up until the final minute, the track slowly builds over the on-going electronic textures. The repeating peaks and valleys of the overlapping guitars carry the song through before its drops back into the more subtle atmosphere of the opening. The notes for this release read: "Lotus is able to encapsulate a small piece of their cathartic live shows on the studio version of Destroyer." This statement is never more true than in the final progression of the song. The beat drops to half time and the guitars wail one chord over each measure. Although short, this piece is poignant and evokes the most powerful emotional build and release heard on the whole track.

When the track wraps, it leaves me wanting to listen again.

Check it out for yourself below.

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