Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Colorado Music: The Acidophiles - Earth EP

Earth EP - The Acidophiles

Colorado electronic artists The Acidophiles recently dropped their newest release, the Earth EP on their bandcamp page for free listening and only $3 for download.

I was finally able to get a full listen in this afternoon on my day off and I was very happy with what I heard. The first track "New Biginning" (sic) starts the EP off very mellow and uplifting. The Acidophiles are no stranger to arpeggiated synths which you will hear laced through the entire EP. A nice major arpeggio takes "New Biginning" from light and thoughtful straight into "Earth" where things start to get much heavier. From "Earth" until the end of the album you will get back to the Acidophiles sound you may be familiar with (or maybe just now getting associated with) that sets them apart as well as makes them a top electronic act to see live here in CO. The duo stays consistent to their sound but won't disappoint if you are looking for the next step in their musical evolution.  Lots of powerful synth sounds and melodies, wobbly gritty bass, and laid back electronic beats keep the Earth EP rolling through until the final track, "Grounded." You will hear the Acidophiles bring back a tempo change trick they have used successfully in the past on their ExisDancE EP more specifically on the track "DANCE." The tempo ramps up as "Grounded" opens and also grinds slowly to a moaning trance inducing drone for the close of the EP. Its a very dramatic way to end the EP, but also a very relaxing sound to listen to before the Acidophiles hit us with a hard cut that leaves you hanging and wanting more.

At noon on a Wednesday, some of these tracks were a little out of place as I worked through my to do list, but I can say that late at night in a venue these tracks would be right at home. I am looking forward to what I am guessing will be a full series of elements-based EPs as the Acidophiles have posted on their event page: "Next up is The Air EP - Stay tuned for details...."

 Be sure to check it out for yourself. 

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