Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Perfect Hours Preview is Right on Time

The Perfect Hours - Self-titled

Well-known in Nashville as the drummer of the Coolin' System, Jim Bonomo dropped a preview of his newest project today: The Perfect Hours. Right now, we only get a short preview of the full album to come in October. Available at, "Dark or Pale" is a small taste of the crate-digging, J Dilla-inspired soundscape that Bonomo aims to recreate with The Perfect Hours. What sets this project apart from its inspiration is its selections based in soul jazz and, surprisingly, italian movie scores. Where Dilla tracks are laid-back and almost hypnotizing in their atmosphere, Perfect Hours is aggressive in its execution, much like bebop jazz. Dilla's tracks stood out for his amazing sample selections that somehow never got old even after the umpteenth repetition. It seems Perfect Hours' forte is based more in the compositional realm. As we can already hear in "Dark or Pale," a plethora of samples somehow all flow flawlessly together and continue to pull you in until the track drawls to a close. Although mostly sample-based, Bonomo says there are some instrumental performances on synths and drums. Also, he hinted at the possibility of some horn solos from his fellow Coolin' System band-mates.

We're excited to hear the whole album in October, but for now, check out the preview below.

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  1. I can't wait to hear this whole thing. It is sounding super on point so far.