Sunday, August 18, 2013

Chali 2na Interview from ARISE Music Festival - Loveland, CO

Chali 2na at the Main Stage, ARISE Music Festival, Friday August 16th
Chali 2na at the Main Stage, ARISE Music Festival
Matt: Can you speak a little bit to the difference of playing festival sets to playing club sets and how it really affects how you prepare for these sets.

Chali 2na: First off, I think festival sets always attract the people who care less about what you think about them. The inhibitions are just gone. Everybody's here to party and its regardless of anything. So, I think that that creates a vibe that makes the audience almost one thing. Its not like nobody necessarily separated at that point.

Matt: You want to make people party.

Chali 2na: Exactly!

(crowd laughs)

Matt: Chali, if you speak a little bit about the difference between the collaborative effort of Jurassic Five on tour versus your solo career on tour.

Chali 2na: Well, y'know, my M.O. that I've been able to establish throughout my twenty years doing this, is that I'm that dude in the group that collaborates with everybody. You know what I'm saying, like I wanted to make that happen so that it wouldn't be strange if you saw me doing something with somebody who you didn't think I was going to be with. That being established, its the same way on both ends. I just think that my work is just that much harder as a solo artist because I got my brothers with me with Jurassic and I do my part. Then, I can listen to them.

Performing by myself is a whole full fledged thought process of:  "OK, I gotta think about every moment." I gotta make sure that every moment is something that people are attached to as opposed to like scaring somebody off or being like "alright, whatever, dude" or someone going to get a drink. I'm looking at it as a way to just be the magnet and keep that attraction going throughout the show, and hopefully after have sex.

Matt: I'm a guy who likes to get drinks. So, what are you going to do in the future to keep me from going to get a drink.

Chali 2na: Play hard as hell! Play some music that's guaranteed to keep you there.

Stay tuned for more interviews from ARISE Music Festival.

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