Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Digital Beat Down ARISE Music Festival Preview

Denver-local, livetronica duo Digital Beat Down have been hitting the regional festival season hard this summer. Fresh off UNIFY Festival and a late night set at Phibstock, the boys head for their festival hattrick with ARISE Musical Festival. Winslow Family Productions sat down with Nick Pilz and Andy Lubner of Digital Beat Down to discuss their upcoming date at ARISE and their forthcoming sophomore release Pressure EP.
A preview of DBD’s 2nd EP, Pressure, with the track “Befunkt”

WF: So, What does playing the ARISE Festival mean for Digital Beat Down?

Nick: Being a part of a festival that’s getting as big as ARISE is hoping to be, I think its good to be a part of it and representing Colorado in general. Just pretty much being there and the fact that we’re a part of Colorado’s scene and this is a Colorado festival, it’s good to be a part of it.

Andy: I think the fact that this is a transformational festival, if you will, I think thats nice. Our music is to party but we hope that there is something a little more to it as well, so its nice to be part of a festival that emphasizes that, that community, that artistic expression, you know, what they’re sort of going for with their vibe seems very conscious. So I’m very excited to be a part of that aspect of it.

WF: What does the ARISE festival mean to Colorado?

Andy: I think in some senses, it’s kind of about time. Colorado hasn’t had a big festival, they’ve kinda pussy footed around and had things like Summer of Mile High, but I love to see something like ARISE come in and draw a big diverse crowd of bands, DJs, artists, and performers; and then also there’s a place for Colorado to go and throw down. It’s a beautiful state here. There’s lots of little stuff, but its fun to have something that’s a little bit bigger and something hopefully steady.

Nick: Yeah, definitely something steady. Something thats going to be there and that’s going to go for years and gets bigger, but doesn’t get bigger. Not the sort of style where they forget why they started the whole festival.

WF: Well, you know, ARISE is actually an acronym for Activate. Reconnect. Interact. Synchronize. Empower.

Andy: It sets a good example and a good tone. I like being places or going to festivals like that, that have more of a conscious vibe. You know, like people who throw away their trash and keep the site clean and are concerned about the footprint they’re leaving. Having fun but doing so with the environment and others around them in mind. Its a good example to set no matter where you are.

WF: Is there a particular artist at ARISE that DBD links themselves with more as far as genre, style and influences go?

Nick: Yeah, we’re definitely on that electronic dance music tip. It’s that sort of music, but I’m excited to see bands like Greensky Bluegrass, Keller and the Keels. Michael Franti is going to be amazing. Stuff like that is actually getting me excited. It’s funny because we’re Digital Beat Down, we’re an electronic band, and I still really enjoy instruments and all that stuff. And I understand the DJ culture and I love elements of that as well, but its really cool to get that mix. That’s where DBD comes in and we are that mix. Take that electronic music, take the classic rock and roll instruments and let’s mold it together. I’m really stoked to be playing with a lot of the Colorado homies as well. Octopus Nebula, those guys are our good friends, you know. It’s nice we get to play a festival with those guys. James and the Devil are there, Astromix, ProJect Aspect; it’s good to play with people that we know are here and doing what we’re doing.

Andy: They’ve got some national headliners, but most of the second tier acts are Colorado DJs, bands and a few other ones, but there’s definitely a heavy, heavy Colorado presence which is nice to be able to identify with a group that can bring people out that know how to have a good time.

WF: If there was one act at ARISE you could choose to play a collab set with, who would it be?

Nick: Octopus Nebula, get on that jamtronic tip. Collab set.. uh, I don’t know.

(Everyone laughs)

Nick: To have Keller lay down some tasty loops would be fun.

Andy: Or Chali 2na coming to rap with us. I’d take that.

Nick: Get some flow in there.

Stay tuned for a more in depth interview later this month on Thursday, August 29th when we will talk more wtih Digital Beat Down about their new release live on the air at

During the ARISE Music Festival, Digital Beat Down takes to the Solar Overdrive Stage on Saturday, Aug 17th at Noon. Also this month, DBD will be releasing Pressure EP, their second record since their debut Get Born in 2011. This will be a “name your price” download available from their website Be sure to follow them on facebook at

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