Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Chasing Jonah - "It Wouldn't Be Right"

Chasing Jonah present the latest single, "It Wouldn't Be Right" from their debut album, Prelude.

It should be noted that Chasing Jonah were able to release this album after successfully funding a whopper of a Kickstarter, finishing with a total of $15,000 in funds. The band has clearly found a fan base that is willing to support their particular brand of indie/alternative rock.

"It Wouldn't Be Right" starts off with a sound that falls easily into the indie/alternative rock genre with delayed guitar reminiscent of the guitar tone on any Coldplay song. Ambient swells fill the space behind the guitar to create a soothing intro for a song with a bit more "umph" than the opening might let on. The main verse/chorus structure on the song is carried by a solid rock backbeat with acoustic guitar and Ashley Dudukovich's supple and agile vocals leading the composition. The lyrics tell the tale of a complicated love story. The subject of the song has clearly done everything to stay in this relationship to utter disappointment. Yet, she opts to take the high road, singly "I'd like to hurt you, but it wouldn't be right." The composition lends itself well to a story of convoluted romance with a blend of melancholy and hope in the musical aesthetic.

You can listen to Prelude in it's entirety on Chasing Jonah's Soundcloud, which is embedded below. Also you can find more about the band at their website: ChasingJonah.com.

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