Friday, November 21, 2014

Person Natalie & David Lewis Luong - Dreamy Lullaby

Person Natalie & David Lewis Luong present their latest album, Dreamy Lullaby

Dreamy Lullaby is a jazz album with a total of eight tracks, but I will just be touching on four songs from the album.

The title track "Dreamy Lullaby" is aptly named. It's smooth and slow and just very easy to listen to, but I wouldn't call this "smooth jazz" necessarily. Every instrument is real, no midi patches on the rhythm section. Person Natalie is a featured soloist on the saxophone. Her solo comes in the second half of the recording. Her improvisations are very clean, soulful and even a bit playful at times, dancing around the melody. It's a very enjoyable track and one that I would have no trouble dozing off to on a summer afternoon.

The album takes a bit of a shift with "Another Renaissance," while still staying in the slow and smooth category. The progression is a bit more oblique, adding in tasteful bits of unexpected chords. The saxophone solo toward the end is quite interesting as the band drops out for a few measures while the bass and sax dance around each other in a little breakdown.

"Twilight Horizon" stays in the same vein as Dreamy Lullaby with a slow moving progressions and very subtle players in the rhythm section. Every player is very precise but also soft and minimal in their delivery. Piano carries the main rhythmic duties backed by an upright bass and a electric guitar. I unfortunately have no notes about who is playing what instrument, and the information I could find only bills David Lewis Luong as a multi-instrumentalist, so I can't really tell you a lot about the soloists.  The tone of the track is very smooth again, but not cheesy like so much of the music that can come from the smooth jazz genre.

A slight change in instrumentation spices things up on "Dusky Mirage." This song opts for a vibraphone feature within the arrangement. A piano is still in the mix to help hold down the rhythm section, but the addition of the vibes adds a nice extra layer to the line-up. This progression for "Dusky Mirage" is a bit spicier but still holds true to the overall vision of "smooth jazz" that holds the album together.

Dreamy Lullaby is a very beautiful and relaxing instrumental jazz album. You can pick up the album for yourself on iTunes or find out more on Person Natalie's website:

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