Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sell Music Online with Soundgine

Producers and musicians listen up! All of you using old school music stores, stop living like it’s the year 2000. There is a new system in town and its changing the face of selling music online. If you haven’t seen what Soundgine has to offer then you are severely missing out. Let me cut to the chase, Soudgine players convert more sales and has more features than any other player.

Sexy As Hell

The player itself looks stunning and has an open layout for easy purchasing and a dual checkout system that gives your customers a choice at checkout to pay via Paypal or Credit Card. The internet is a funny thing, if you don’t capture your customers attention quickly then it’s end game for you. When I first saw Soundgine’s “Engine” demo, I was blown away, why haven’t I seen this before?

Feature Rich

Selling music online is not easy so you need all the best tools available and the Soundgine service is no exception. First off the players (All five of them) are gorgeous to look at, but they are also customizable. Next, they offer your own website called VUE which is truly the best music layout I have ever seen. You can transfer your domain to it and ditch your hosting fees since Soundgine offers free hosting. VUE is fully responsive and looks awesome on desktops, mobile phones and tablet devices.

Musicians that want a fantastic out of the box solution, get with Soundgine.

Who Can Use Soundgine?

Anybody that has music to sell can use this system. The player has the ability to sell singles, albums and beats. If you enable all features then your earning potential triples. Honestly, if you are a producer and you are not using Soundgine then you are just giving yourself less opportunity to sell your music. They take 0% commission and everything is unlimited. Get paid instantly.

Bottom Line...More Sales

Truthfully, it’s about getting more sales as a producer and this is where this service excels. How so? The player design is set up where a customer can choose to buy a track right from the first screen without drilling down levels. I have compared Soundgine with other players like Myflashstore and Beatstars and Soundgine won every time. My suspect the reason why it converts better is that the flash player automatically converts to mobile when mobile is detected. Also, the ability to have customers buy with a credit card instead of Paypal really gave a noticeable. Take a serious look at this service and it’s features, it won’t take long to realize your earning potential with this service. Align yourself with the best and best of success to you!

Sell Music Online with Soundgine


  1. Awesome resource, thanks! Been a fan since the start. Much better than any other music store on the web.